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Book Launch: Yutaka Makino’s ‘Relational Conditions’

Book Launch: Yutaka Makino’s ‘Relational Conditions’

Our former fellow presents his catalogue ‘Relational Conditions’ with a live-electronic performance at daadgalerie in Berlin.

The artistic situations created by Yutaka Makino can best be understood as integrated states at the crossroads between art, music, philosophy, perception, and science. Each of these aspects generates an access point to works that usually take the form of installations or performances. Intellectual understanding is coupled here with the viewer’s perceptual and physical interaction with the created environments. The audiovisual situations are based on a specific concept and limited to a specific scenario conjured using concise and reduced means. Bright, white light or laser beams in the mist, an anechoic chamber, directional speakers, gradually unfolding sound processes – these are the aesthetic tools Makino commands in his dissolution of spatial boundaries. The texts in the catalog track various links between this artistic work and general discourses on perception and spatial esthetics.  Yutaka Makino, born in Japan and currently based in Berlin, was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program in 2010 in the field of music. He studied environmental science in Japan, visual arts in the USA and The Netherlands, and computer music in the USA, The Netherlands and France. The catalog presents the first comprehensive overview of his work 2010 – 2014.

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8th September 2015, 7pm

Zimmerstraße 90/91
10117 Berlin