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“exclude/include. Alternate Histories” – Group Exhibition

“exclude/include. Alternate Histories” – Group Exhibition

Our fellow Jeremiah Day gives a performance in the framework of the group exhibition “exclude/include. Alternate Histories” at the project space Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam on 14th May 2015.

Within the broader theme of the Memory Machine programme of Castrum Peregrini, the exhibition exclude/include. Alternate Histories reflects on the notion and meaning of history. Relating to Walter Benjamin’s idea on the subsequent formulation of history by victorious parties, or the ruling classes; and Deleuze’s notions on belonging, society and identity, the exhibition accomodates works that reflect on these concepts, using them as a collective starting point. From this base every work is able to tell its own (his)story via different media, addressing subjects such as untold stories and history’s blind spots, collective identity and national ideology, cultural exchange and art history, immigration and post-colonialism, all in the realm of the construction of history and its contemporary consequences.

Contributing artists: Kristina Benjocki, Marcel van den Berg, Anna Dasovic, Jeremiah Day, Amie Dicke, Sean Hannan, Remy Jungerman, Eva Pel & Claudia Doms, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, OMA/AMO, Remco Torenbosch.

Curated by Vincent van Velsen.

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Exhibition: 24th April to 7th June 2015
Jeremiah’s Performance: 14th May  2015, 5pm

Castrum Peregrini
Herengracht 401
1017 BP Amsterdam