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German Shortfilm Prize 2015

German Shortfilm Prize 2015

Congratulations to our alumna Eva Könnemann who was awarded the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2015 for her film titled “Das offenbare Geheimnis”.

During research about coats of arms Eva Könnemann came across the district of Emmelsum in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. According to Wikipedia it lacks places of interest. Even the district’s own website states that there is not much to say about it.
Reason enough for Könnemann to hit the road. She films streets, front gardens, houses, artistically cut hedges and the lock at the canal. Starting point: a bench at the entrance of the village. She meets local historians, a teacher doing sheep breeding, the oldest inhabitant, the head of the Schützenverein (gun club) and DJ Achim and his wife. In the  voice over she describes present and past of Emmelsums and thinks about the impossible attempt and her motivation to make a film about the void. The film is an attempt at a humorous portrait of this village without features.

The German Film Prize wants to benefit the realization of new projects by exceptional filmmakers.

“Das offenbare Geheimnis” will be shown on 11th November at the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, on 15th November at the Festival Exground in Wiesbaden and on 26th November at the Festival Blicke in Bochum.

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