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Group Exhibition ‘Stop Look Listen’

Group Exhibition ‘Stop Look Listen’

Our fellow Lizza May David takes part in the current group exhibition Stop Look Listen in Manila, Philippines:

Rinne Abrugena, Catalina Africa, Poklong Anading, Benjie Cabangis, Zean Cabangis, Buen Calubayan, Ernest Concepcion, Lizza May David, Mark Andy Garcia, David Griggs, Winner Jumalon, Jonathan Olazo, Indy Paredes, Jaime Roque, Jose Tence Ruiz, Jose Luis Singson, Cris Villanueva Jr. and Jeona Zoleta present paintings as representatives of their respective art practices. This is the first of a series of exhibitions that shall create a platform for critical discussions as an in-depth inquiry into the diversity of artistic practices and approaches within the context of the art scene in Manila.

The reason for the decision of discussing painting in the initial exhibition of the series lies in the immediacy of the presence and predominance of the media in the practice of making and collecting. The artists participating – among others – have been invited due to the approaches to the canvas and the practices of painting. The range of the works includes gestural abstraction, photo-based figuration, semi-representational and naturalistic approaches, assemblage, and conceptual imagery.

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19. Juli bis 8. August 2015

1335 A. Mabini Street Ermita
Manila 1000 Philippines