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Installation “ENTROPY”

Installation “ENTROPY”

Our alumna Lucie Strecker takes part in “ENTROPY”; a performative, pataphysical installation on the present.

An open collaborative art-lab will be established at the Tanzquartier Wien. In it, together with scientists, a temporary community  of invited artists from various genres will negotiate our present in a convergent discourse process, and develop a performative,  active communication installation out of it. On the two days the lab will be “public”, in order to create a performative discourse space.  Every day is different, the process towards entropy is developing, as also  the number of protagonists is growing. The term entropy, which people like to use unscientifically as a measure of disorder, is the impulse.  The installations are trails through human perception and the attempt to organise oneself in a dynamic system in order to survive …

GASTGEBER und KÜNSTLERISCHE LEITUNG:  Thomas J. Jelinek With: Christian Faubel – ray vibration (Köln)  Christina Hartl-Prager (Wien) Marian Kaiser (Berlin) Gerald Nestler  (Wien) Pit Noack (Hannover) Tobias Nöbauer (Wien) Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (Zürich/Wien) Svetlana Schwin (Wien) Marie MELA Spaemann (Wien)  Lucie Strecker (Berlin/Wien)  and other guests

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5th June 2015, 8.30pm
6th June 2015, 8.30pm

Tanzquartier Wien / MQ /
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Wien