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News from the Global Teacup Network (GTN)

News from the Global Teacup Network (GTN)

GTN Activities and Measuring Campaigns

Our Alumna Agnes Meyer-Brandis and the GTN will start a measuring campaign and several Tea Sessions around in Bern, Switzerland. There is a Teacup Tool Station installed at Laboral, Gjón Spain since November and the permanent Tealemtree Station at the SMEAR Forest Station in Finland can now be observed online via a webcam. Beside that there are also some other exhibition on display at the moment and the exhibition “Hemelbestormers (Sky Troopers)” in Rotterdam is opening next week on Dec. 4th.

Permanent Tealemetree Station installed at the SMEAR II  Research Station in Hyytiälä, FI  commissioned by the University of Helsinki, SMEAR II Station and Capsula. The station can be observed here on this Webcam.

Teacup Tool Station Gijón, Spain opened
Exhibition: Materia Prima
Date: November 12th 2015 – May 8th 2016 Location: LABoral, Gijón, ES

Teacup Tool Stations Bern, CH – a network of Teacups will be installed in December
“Have a Tea with a Tree” at the Botanical Garden Bern, Schlachthaus Theatre, Zentrum Paul Klee a large measuring campaign with several stations in Bern, CH, further locations to be announced
BONE 18 – Performance Art Festival Bern
Date: December 1st – 6th 2015
Location: Bern, CH

Tea Sessions : 
Nov. 29th, 3pm Botanical Garden Bern
Dec. 1st, 4-5:30pm, Zentrum Paul Klee
Dec. 3rd, 5-7pm Tree behind the Schlachthaus Theater
Dec. 5th, 4-5pm Air measuring station Bollwerkstreet

More info here:

Teacups at the CLOUD experiment at CERN,in the scope of a Collide@CERN Honorary Mention visit

Teacup Tool Station Linz, Austria has opened in September installation placed next to some air measuring instruments on the balcony between the top of the roofs

Other exhibitions on display and or coming up 

Moon Geese in Rotterdam, NL
Exhibition: Hemelbestormers (Sky Troopers)
Opening: Dec. 14th Date: Dec. 5th 2015 – February 14th 2016
Location: Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

42-MO The Large Meteor T-R-A-P (Terrestrial Rerouting Array Pad), MOROCCO
Exhibition: Globale – Exo-Evolution Date: October 30th 2015 – March 6th 2016
Location: ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe /  Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Moon Geese in Northampton, UK
Exhibition: Diaspora – Space Date: 22 October – 6 December 2015
Location: NN Contemporary Art in Northampton, UK