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Publication “Research Environments”

Publication “Research Environments”

The Graduate School proudly presents its new publication “Research Environments – Reflections on the Value of Artistic Processes”.

Postgraduate programmes for artists are on the increase all over the world. On the one hand, this constitutes a response by academic institutions to the need to forge closer connections between art, science and research. On the other, these programmes have given rise to complex creative research environments that provide opportunities to share, present, evaluate and make use of artistic processes. Exchanging ideas and articulating and reflecting on the processes of artistic work have in recent years started to become a key component of many postgraduate programmes offered in international arts education.

But what do such programmes offer in practice? How are art and science affected when they encounter one another? What potential does a shift in focus from the end product to the processes of artistic work offer?

Authors from a range of countries and from different fields of artistic practice and reflection were invited to use their theoretical knowledge and practical experience to consider how artistic processes and methods can be perceived, valued, used and critically examined.

With contributions of: DasArts Amsterdam, Scott deLahunta, Marcus Droß, Nik Haffner, Sonja Jokiniema, Annette Keck, Efva Lilja, Erin Manning, Hendrik Quast, Judith Siegmund, Susanne Stemmler, Anke Strauß, Stefanie Wenner.

It is available at the UdK Verlag. Please have a look <link fileadmin universitaetsbibliothek kuwi-publ.pdf _blank>here.