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Spatial Storytelling Project ‘A Soft Tragedy’

Spatial Storytelling Project ‘A Soft Tragedy’

Our Alumna Valentina Karga contributes to the spatial storytelling project ‘A Soft Tragedy’ by Lorenzo Sandoval. It is conceived as a ‘navigable plot’ taking place along the Landwehr Canal which presents a raft journey narrated by a collective voice of writings, interventions, and artworks.

Revisiting the first part of Homer’s Odyssey, the Telemachiad, the narrative aims to reformulate a foundational myth through the removal of the central hero and the addition of an overall premise of ‘gelification’ as it metaphorically applies to the contemporary condition.

With contributions from: Olga Balema, Patrick Burkhardt, Pieterjan Gandry, Ethan Hayes-Chute, John Holten, Mirak Jamal, Valentina Karga, Hanne Lippard, Dafna Maimon, Michele Di Menna, Antoine Renard, Santiago Taccetti, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Alex Turgeon and Elvia Wilk.

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16th August 2015, 3pm

Landwehr Canal, Berlin
52°28’42.9″N 13°27’26.7″E
(Kiehlufer, under the S-Bahn tracks along the Landwehr Canal)