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„Was sind spekulative Sätze? • 6 Vorlesungen mit Hans Heinz Holz“

„Was sind spekulative Sätze? • 6 Vorlesungen mit Hans Heinz Holz“

In June, our former student employee Martin Küpper moderates three events which are organised by the Gesellschaft für Dialektische Philosophie (society for dialectical philosophy) in honour of the philosopher Hans Heinz Holz:

„Was sind spekulative Sätze? · 6 Vorlesungen mit Hans Heinz Holz“

(What are speculative sentences? · 6 lectures with Hans Heinz Holz)

In celebration of the 80th birthday of the Marxist philosopher Hans Heinz Holz, the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar invited him to hold a lecture series in the framework of the fellowship “Vom Denken der Welt” (About global thinking). In this lecture series, Hans Heinz Holz does not only present his philosophical path of life, but considers the question whether a materialistic- dialectical ontology is possible and whether it can be substantiated in a speculative way based on specific examples.

Since Holz was not able to travel due to medical conditions, the Kolleg went to Sant’Abbondio in 2008 in order to record six lectures which will be shown on three evenings in the presence of the head of the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche, Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt-Grépály. The event is moderated by the Gesellschaft für dialektische Philosophie.

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15th, 17th und 22nd June, 6pm

Prenzlauer Allee 231 / Mülhauser Straße 6
10405 Berlin