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Musical Theatre “A Piece of Heaven”

Musical Theatre “A Piece of Heaven”

In March and May, Ania Michaelis and our fellow Nuria Núñez Hierro present the musical theatre “A Piece of Heaven” for children aged 2 to 4 in the Tischlerei of the Deutschen Oper Berlin.

Johan lives alone, a happy man; he wants for nothing. Then he discovers Pattie, a fledgling that has fallen out of its nest. Pattie is sad. He has a broken wing. He can sing beautifully, but the sadness of his song saddens Johan, too. Johan does everything he can to cheer Pattie up. He sings and dances for him. He cooks porridge for him. He pulls faces. Pattie forgets his pain and the wing heals. Pattie is happy again. He sings for Johan, flies up, up and away and then returns one last time with a piece of heaven as a gift for Johan.

“A Piece of Heaven” is a work of musical theatre for children aged 2+, an age when they are developing feelings such as empathy and pity. The work is about the unexpected joy that comes from opening up to others, caring for them and helping them. It portrays the happiness of friendship and the pain that is inherent to love. With great musical deftness director Ania Michaelis conveys all this in the vivid, poetic language of the theatre. For years she has been developing theatre projects for very young audiences. Since 2011 she has been Director of Acting and Puppetry at the theater junge generation Dresden. Before that she was Artistic Director of Theater o.N. in Berlin, with which she has now co-produced “A Piece of Heaven”.

Dates and more information

World premiere: 19th March 2016

Tischlerei of the Deutschen Oper Berlin