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Performance „Trauer tragen“

On the last Sunday before Advent, our former employee Hendrik Quast and Maika Knoblich make the start of an occasionally ping pong game between GAK and the Schwankhalle, where they pass artists to each other, whose works are situated between the fine and performing arts, with “Trauer tragen”, an introduction to mourning floristry.

Before the eyes of the audience, a personalised funeral flower arrangement is created out of real flowers: cypress, salal and ivy form the green basis for the formally austere interplay of red carnations and bright yellow chrysanthemums. The decorative arrangement is interrupted by the recurring lily, before the dark red, almost black rose brings the work to a preliminary end. The arranging of flowers goes hand in hand with the description of the work steps, while the phases of the mourning process are simultaneously re-enacted on the lifeless, cut flower material: shock, control, regression and adaptation. The floristic language triggers associations that do not end at the cemetery and open up spaces beyond the mourned.

The performance is in German.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016, 3 and 7pm
GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst
Teerhof 21
28199 Bremen