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Project presentation of “Miracle Mountain”

"Miracle Mountain", a project by Collective Disaster, of which our alumna Valentina Karga is part of, is presented in Amiens at the ‘Art, cities & landscape – Hortillonnages Amiens’! festival among 40 other unique installations, on June 25. From the Invitation:

The project by Collective Disaster combines knowledge from alchemy, geobiology, composting, and healing practices. Visitors and neighbors can enjoy a calm, but also social space while dipping their feet in hot water with healing qualities. Science has proven that water has memory and carries information in its structure. The human brain is up to 78% made out of water. A well-structured water can make people feel positive, just as experiments has proven the opposite: that people can influence the structure of water by the way they feel.

Saturday, 25th June, 6.30 pm
7-8pm performance by Collective Disaster

île aux fagôts

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Furthermore Valentina Karga will be on a residency within the living exhibition "Planet B- 100 ideas for a new world" in NRW-forum in Düsseldorf from 14th to 24th July.

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