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Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #8

“3DMIN meets Kairos Theory”

The Salon für Ästhetische Experimente #8 dives into the worlds of modern instrument-making and Kairos Theory. The class for Generative Art /Computational Art at UdK Berlin has been developing audiovisual performance projects, setups and strategies for years, and the research project 3DMIN has been focusing on developing new musical instruments within this context.

The evening will lead you into the exciting worlds of Kairos Theory, a concept for “Creating Perfect Moments Together” with ensembles of humans and machines, and “Contemporary Instrument Design and Performance practice”, as it emerges in the 3DMIN project.

The Salon für Ästhetische Experimente is co-funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 7 pm

Grüner Salon in der Volksbühne
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 2
10178 Berlin