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Transdisciplinary Symposium “Impact 2016 – Rift Zones”

Our fellow Alex Martinis Roe leads together with Melanie Sehgal the working group Formations, which offers the workshop “The Practice of Legacy” in the frame of the symposium “Impact 2016”. Applications for the symposium are still open until 10th October.

In their workshop Formations will address the question of legacy in a practical context. Every practice explicitly or implicitly positions itself in relation to the past – through its choice of methodologies, constellations, references – and thus tells stories of progress or regression. The participants are invited to analyse their own working practices in terms of legacies and to develop tools they can actively use in order to enter into dialogue with each other.

26th & 27th November 2016

Pact Zollverein
Impact 16
Bullmannaue 20a
45327 Essen