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Exhibition “Close, never closer”

In the exhibition “Close, never closer” our fellows present the work on their individual projects.

With works, environments and music by <link en research graduate-school fellows marco-donnarumma _blank>Marco Donnarumma, <link en research graduate-school fellows kerstin-ergenzinger _blank>Kerstin Ergenzinger, <link en research graduate-school fellows lisa-glauer _blank>Lisa Glauer, <link en research graduate-school fellows bnaya-halperin-kaddari _blank>Bnaya Halperin- Kaddari, <link en research graduate-school fellows darsha-hewitt _blank>Darsha Hewitt,<link en research graduate-school fellows team-project-by-zeynep-tuna-and-nino-klingler _blank> Zeynep Tuna & Nino Klingler, <link en research graduate-school fellows kiran-kumar _blank>Kiran Kumar and <link en research graduate-school fellows clarissa-thieme _blank>Clarissa Thieme

Let your eyes wander into the distance. Now you pick up sounds from afar, from all things within earshot, loud and clear, as if they were near. As if? They're close, are they not? You're here, so is everything you hear. One little noise-maker among others you are. And sound travels far. How far the horizon reaches, in fact, doesn't depend on clear skies and good viewing conditions. Weather won't stop at borders. War never happens elsewhere. We inhabit the same terrain as everyone exposed to its force, today. War's memory won't fade, as life continues. Cruelly, it does. For why would Earth give a damn? Wreaking havoc on its surface never got us closer to its core...full concept

artists' talk
"See for miles" — how to situate artistic practice in horizons of ecopolitics and psychotopography today? 14 October, 4pm

opening performance 
"Vremeplov / Time Machine" by Clarissa Thieme
"Walking from Frauenklinik to Futurium" by Lisa Glauer 
"Music in Blitzdorf" by Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari (performed again every 2nd day at sunset)

A project by the Graduate School, curated by Jan Verwoert, visiting professor and supervisor for fellows of the Graduate School.

Opening: 5 October 2017, 7pm
Exhibition: 5 to 14 October 2017
Artists' talk: 14 October 2017, 4pm

exhibition galleries UdK
Berlin University of the Arts
Hardenbergstr. 33
10623 Berlin

The artists thank their collaborators
Marco Donnarumma: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory & Ana Rajcevic Studio
Lisa Glauer: Antonije Buric & Yann Colonna
Darsha Hewitt: Sophia Gräfe
Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari: Ido Gordon & David Chaki
Kiran Kumar: Thow Xin Wei
Clarissa Thieme: Video Archive Hamdija Kreševljaković, Sarajevo & Grace Sungeun Kim

The title „Close, never closer“ is stolen from an eponymous poem by Ruth Buchanan.

The exhibition is co-funded by the Einstein Stiftung Berlin