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Exhibition "Lustwandeln"

Angelika Frommherz, Juliane Laitzsch (Alumna)

Artistic processes are related to the development and cultivation of a garden. Similar to the acts of digging, sowing, watering, fertilizing and pruning, artistic work is developed while its idiosyncratic dynamics are closely observed. Some things unfold only in the the right environment and neighbourship. The exhibition by the artists Juliane Laitzsch and Angelika Frommherz is staged as a space which visitors can stroll through as if promenading in a park. While the Körnerpark is resting in winter and the plants seem to be hiding, inside the gallery a vivid landscape of ornamentation, resting places, visual axes and colourful objects is staged.

Exhibition: 28 January – 19 April 2017

Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 7pm
Gartensalon 1: "Die Freiheit der Bäume"
A movie night with Bernhard Sallmann, who will present some of his films which deal with the Pücklerpark in Bad Muskauder as well as the landscape transformations caused by mining in the Lusatia region.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 7pm
Gartensalon 2: "Wachsen lassen"
A talk about fruit cultivation, growth and promenading through grown environments, with Judith Schalansky, author and editor of the book “Korbinian Aigner – Äpfel und Birnen”, as well as Hilmar Schwärzel, head of the  fruit field trial station in Müncheberg. Moderation: Marion Thielebein, art historian

Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 6pm
Gartensalon 3: "Gemeinsam Gärtnern"
A talk with the artists Birgit Cauer und Sabine Berr, who both practice gardening but very differently integrate these experiences very into their respective artistic practices. Moderation: Juliane Laitzsch

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