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Performance Project “On Xcurrencies“

In the frame of the Elise Richter PEEK project “The Performative Biofakt“, Klaus Spiess and our alumna Lucie Strecker present their performance project “On Xcurrencies“ at ISEA in Columbia.

The confluence of the molecular and digital revolution informationalizes life and questions what it is to be a living thing. A hybrid performances that aims to trace the evolution of currencies from blood circulation to animal blood sacrifice to trading with organic relics, up to patent registration of DNA, creating transspecies organisms, unavoidably evokes the biopolitical dimensions of the term ‘species’. By definition, the word triangulates taxonomy, a living thing and monetary value. One finds three levels of dictionary meaning: species stands forclass as such, biological life and also—as specie—coinage. Thinking in species relates three arenas that form bioeconomic power structures: the act of epistemological classification, life itself and economics. In this triangulation, every life form, including its inanimate manifestations, which cannot be measured by the taxonomies of the life sciences, becomes valueless. The on going research project Hare’s Blood + speculates with its new edition asXCurrencies on how the invariances, the un-encodable and invaluable in biology and art could challenge economics' preference for perfect information acquisition and efficiency for prediction, to escape the capitalization of categorized life.

11 to 18 June 2017

Calle 65 No 26 - 10
Manizales, Caldas

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