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Publication "Polybius mathematischer Schatz"

Our alumno Pedro Stoichita introduces his new book “Polybius mathematischer Schatz“ at Supalife Kiosk.

Ellis Island, 28 February 2012: In a former bonded warehouse the United States Park Police hides a machine of unknown origin. In the heart of the machine: a series of pictures, mounted on prisms that can be differently arranged by the means of cranks. The authorities are at loose ends with the device. However, the Society for Iconological Conservation (SIC !) begins to probe the trove...

“Polybius mathematischer Schatz“ is a combinatorial comic. The plot plays in a room where most of the time pictures are hanging on the wall. There are one, two, three, four or infinite actors, furthermore a glass, a chest and a key. They read, dream and cheat, as well as love, drink and forget. Every time you flip a page, the same story rearranges. Or there are different stories where one contains all others and at times also itself.

Saturday, 22 July 2017, 8pm

Supalife Kiosk
Raumerstr. 40
10437 Berlin

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