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"Rock and Clay Improvisations"

As part of the exhibition “Reframing Worlds - Mobility and Gender in a Postcolonial, Feminist Perspective”, our alumna Judith Raum presents “Rock and Clay Improvisations“, a series of new works concerned with the ambivalent character of Gertrude Bell, a British explorer and archaeologist.  

Rubble and shards. The paintings start off with Gertrude Bell’s role as an art adviser at the Victoria&Albert Museum in Iraq. Prints of some of her photographies show Bell’s view on ruins and fragments of what is today Syria, the area she traveled through in 1905.

On 21 January, 2017 Judith Raum gives a lecture performance that accompany the exhibited works.

Opening: 1 December 2017, 7pm
Exhibition: 2 December 2017 to 21 January 2018

neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
Oranienstraße 25
10999 Berlin 


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