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Saari Residency at Kone Foundation in Finland

Our alumna Valentina Karga is currently a resident at the Saari Residency at Kone Foundation in Finland with her project “The Futuristic United Nations Environment Program”.

Karga works on a video that fuses different elements, regarding climate change, the changes in society that this brings and our current vision on sustainable energy. One of the elements is the Model United Nations (MUN), an educational simulation and academic competition. She has been filming the Berlin MUN 2015, and specifically the Futuristic United Nations Environment Program, so this will be the main material. MUN plays an important role in politics, because it is the tool for teaching diplomatic discipline to future diplomats, who then reproduce the same system, trapped in a world of semantics, formalities, and obsolete rules. The world will change only if we take a step back and change our communication. This will be the main message of this film, which will be combined with other elements such as reflections on related books, interviews and a sculpture.

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