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Book Release of “Half Life”

Close-up of the installation "Wanderer Spacetime Poetry".
source: DanielBurkhardt

At Art Laboratory Berlin the book release of “Half Life“ will take place. The book presents 41 artistic positions including the ones of our fellows Kerstin Ergenzinger and Lisa Glauer, as well as our alumna Agnes Meyer-Brandis.

Machine-Organisms, organic machines: The dissolution of boundaries between bodies and technology is becoming part of everyday life with feeling prosthesis, neuro implants and neuroenhancement - posthumanism. Even the extinction of the species supposedly be solved by synthetic and mechanical Ersatz-species. What are the artistic perspectives on these developments? What kind of threats and promises are being negotiated here?

41 artistic positions from 15 countries provide critical and visionary views onto socio-emotional service machines - prxies and social crutches; Ersatz: Machine environments and artificial organisms; Utopia: Prosthesis, Utopian Instruments and substitute bodies; Connection: Mediator machines and trans-species communication; Autonomous and obsolete machines, past cultures of machines. 

6 July 2018, 7pm

Art Laboratory Berlin
Prinzenallee 34
13359 Berlin

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