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Installation and Performance at EMAF

Film still from Clarissa Thieme's film

Film still "Today Is 11th June 1993" by Clarissa Thieme

 source: Clarissa Thieme

Our fellow Clarissa Thieme is showing the installation and performance “Vremeplov / Time Machine“ at the European Media Art Festival in the exhibition "Report - Notes from Reality".

This artistic intervention is a video message sent out by a group of young people from the besieged city of Sarajevo in 1993. With a lot of black humour, they imagine escaping from their encircled hometown in a time machine. With the help of translator/speaker Grace Sungeun Kim, Thieme reactivates this time machine. The appeal from the past “Get me out of this” addresses our present.

18 April to 21 May 2018

Kunsthalle Osnabrück
49074 Osnabrück

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