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Vimeo Video "Wanderer Spacetime Poetry"

Close-up of the installation "Wanderer Spacetime Poetry".
source: DanielBurkhardt

Our fellow Kerstin Ergenzinger recently uploaded a video called “Wanderer Spacetime Poetry” on vimeo.

“Wanderer Spacetime Poetry” is a continously evolving installation series 
by artist Kerstin Ergenzinger & physicist Thomas Laepple in collaboration with writer/artist Daniel Canty.

Wanderer are small modified and individually programmed thermo-printers that roam along paper strips that are stretched in different constellations across a space. On their journeys they leave traces behind, a line, a dot or letters. Like a snail its trail they dynamically create a poetic drawing over the course of an exhibition - periods of 2-3 month.