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“aeolian string-drum-horns” at ENDMORÄNE

Horn in the wind

The Cosmic and the Affective  - Atuning-in Wind
'Aeolian-String-Drum-Horn' at the Park of the Turbinenhalle Stienitzsee,  June 2019

 source: Kerstin Ergenzinger

Our former fellow Kerstin Ergenzinger contributes to the 2019 project at the Turbinenhalle Stienitzsee by artist collective Endmoräne with a new site-specific experiment with differently tuned aeolian ‘string-drum-horns’. The sonic environment is part of her work within the Sono-Choreographic-Collective, which she found together with our alumni Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari and Kiran Kumar during their time at the Graduate School. 

The exhibition is the result of the summer workshop 2019 of Endmoräne e.V. Since over 25 years the artist collective Endmoräne developes site-specific projects in hidden, forgotten, closed... spaces around Berlin and Brandenburg. Each year they invited guest artists to join the group.

With works from: Susanne Ahner, Kerstin Baudis, Ka Bomhardt, Claudia Busching, Gisela Genthner, Margita Haberland, Renate Hampke, Masko Iso, Gunhild Kreuzer, Angela Lubič, Annette Munk, Barbara Müller, Dorothea Neumann, Elke Postler, Patricia Pisani, Susanne Pittroff, Antje Scholz, Erika Stürmer-Alex, Christiane Wartenberg, Tina Zimmermann

Guest Artists: Kerstin Ergenzinger, Kati Gausmann, Anne Peschken, Tina Tonagel

When? Where?
29-30 June and 6-7 July 2019, from 1 to 6pm
Turbinenhalle Stienitzsee
Berliner Str. 13A
15378 Rüdersdorf 

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