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Casting Freischütz

Both of the performers in looks inspired by hunt.

"Casting Freischütz", Quast + Knoblich

 source: Steffen Kauffmann

Sophiensæle presents Casting Freischütz by Quast + Knoblich.

Naturally talented or well-trained? Our former fellow Hendrik Quast and Maika Knoblich are taking a closer look at their village roots on the occasion of their tenth stage anniversary. Together they immerse themselves in the world of hunting and the hobby sphere of shooting clubs. To be a hunter means, as the casting industry says, to attract attention and at best to win. In order to refresh their hunting skills, Quast & Knoblich adopt the language of casting. In fact, it can have a similar manipulative, selective effect and glorify violence as much as the hunter's jargon. Equipped with this hybrid competitive vocabulary, they plan to re-stage the opera classic Der Freischütz - a story about the desperate human desire for success and recognition.

In German.

When? Where?
28 Febraury 2019
Sophienstraße 18 
10178 Berlin

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