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Erick Manana – Feo Gasy – Lokanga

Photo of the five performers including their instruments.

Lokanga Köln Quartet

 source: Lokanga Köln Quartet

How does it sound when string instruments follow the traces of tropical rhythms, inspired by Maloya, Sega, Salegy or Ba Gasy? How is the poetry of Malagasy transformed when it comes upon European classical music? On 12 October Malagasy guitarist and singer Erick Manana, the group Feo Gasy and the Lokanga Köln Quartet will share the stage at Théatre Jacques Carat. Our employee Jenny Fuhr is one of the musicians.
When? Where?
12 October 2019
Théâtre Jacques Carat 
21 Avenue Louis Georgeon
94230 CACHAN

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