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“World on Board” at Berlinale

A trip with the ship.

"World on Board" - Eva Könnemann

 source: Eva Könnemann

World on Board is a hybrid of documentary and narrative film. The film by our alumna Eva Könnemann premieres at Berlinale 2019 in the category “Berlinale Shorts”.

The basic conditions are set by the limited space on the barge and the work that must be done. Kathrin Resetarits embodies the alter ego of director Eva Könnemann, while she herself takes charge of the cinematography. Together they accepted the captain’s invitation to join in this other life. What kind of life is it anyway? Resetarits/Könnemann listen and work their way through fiction and reality. Views and realities interlock. Eva Könnemann’s work explores the boundaries of the contemporary narrative with a view to reality. The downward facing dog is real.

When? Where?
8 February 2019, 9.30pm CinemaxX 3
11 February, 4pm, CinemaxX 5
13 February, 9.30pm, CinemaxX 3
15 Februar, 5pm, Colosseum 1

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