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Yalda Afsah beim Frames of Representation

Video still of the film

Tourneur, 2018, 14min

 source: Yalda Afsah

Fellow Yalda Afsah’s short film Tourneur will be shown at the upcomming festival FRAMES of REPRESENTATION at the ICA London. The festival, in its fourth edition, continues to be a showcase for the cinema of the real, investigating the political and aesthetic approaches at its core. Cryptic and compelling, Yalda Afsah’s Tourneur is an abstract study of the archaic tradition of French bullfighting. Through elliptical footage in which we only glimpse brief snatches of action – the bodies of young men taunting and running from a bull that periodically tramples into the frame – Tourneur removes the practice from its cultural and geographic specificity, transporting it to an abstract cinematic space. Afsah’s sound editing and use of music emphasize the sheer physicality of the event, silencing everything beyond the dance of man and bull. 

When? Where?
12 to 20 April 2019
Institute of Contemporary Arts London
The Mall 
London SW1Y 5AH

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