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Free TikTok Women

The Egyptian filmmaker Mariam Mekiwi is actively engaged in the so-called "TikTok Case", this year's convictions and disproportionate sentences of several Egyptian women for their activities on the internet. To draw attention to the situation and show solidarity with those affected, the filmmaker, together with other activists, organised demonstrations in Berlin and produced a banner - which is now visible in our institution, in the Hardenbergstraße.
The internet - especially social media platforms - are used by young women in Egypt as emancipatory spaces to exchange views on issues such as misogyny and gender-based violence. This very exchange has already led to the uncovering of rape cases.While the criminals - often descendants of important statesmen - walk free, the women are sentenced to imprisonment and heavy fines (in order to make an example). Supposed promiscuity, dance expression and self-expression should not be prosecuted as a violation of values, the internet not censored under the caveat of "Egyptian family values". Especially with regard to the restricted right to demonstrate in Egypt, the the internet should be defended as a safe space and as an opportunity for expression for adolescent women.

#FreeTikTokWomen #بعد_اذن_الاسرة_المصرية

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