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Screening & Talk | Zoom Event How many sleeps until tomorrow

How many sleeps until tomorrow - A Sci-Fi lullaby from Playground #n. A Sci-Fi lullaby out of a postponed audio-visual piece.

With our former fellows Kerstin Ergenzinger | Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari | Kiran Kumar, together they are the Sono Choreographic Collective, hosted by Vierte Welt

Floating mostly through the nonexistent aether of the technosphere, our commitment to creating subtle situations for shared experiences is surely altered, yet still offers a playing ground. 

As real-world festivals are moving to the disinfected online, we will use the time slot in which we were supposed to perform live to instead show an interactive video. Unable to share a place at the moment, we will talk about sharing time, spinning calendars, collective sleeps and our work together while stretched across continents.

In English.

21 May 2020, 21:05 – 22:00 | Zoom Meeting 21:05 | Online warm up | 20:50
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