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An exhibition with our fellow Anthony R. Green among others

In one's own mind, among family and friends, in politics - the topic of gender is a subject of discussion everywhere. The theory that gender identity is socially constructed has become widespread in scientific circles; role clichés and stereotypes shape our image of what is "typically male" and what is "typically female". At the latest since the amendment of the Civil Status Act in 2018, which allows the entry of "diverse" in the birth register for people who cannot be assigned to either the male or female gender, the gender binary - i.e. the strict division into female and male - is also being legally questioned. The recent rejection by the Bundestag on the so-called Self-Determination Act, however, shows that many questions are still unresolved here.

The exhibition Bye Bye Binary, organised by curator Ilka Theurich together with the kreHtiv Netzwerk Hannover and a 12-member advisory board, builds on a more open and diverse approach to gender identity. Through installations, videos, sculptures and sound art, the participating artists explore existing gender norms and, above all, their own experience of gender, beyond socially prescribed boundaries. The focus is on the question of how gender identity can be shaped and also changed through performance, often by treating the body itself as a sculpture. The aim is not only to negotiate gender issues theoretically, but to create a very practical understanding of what real equality must mean and to bring this discourse to as wide a public as possible in Hanover. The result is a multifaceted exhibition that illuminates the topic of gender in all its aspects and in very individual ways.

The two-part exhibition will be shown at different locations: At Weltspiele (Weidendamm 8, 30167 Hannover) from 1 August and at Monkey's (Raschplatz 11G, 30161 Hannover) from 8 August.

When? Where?
1 / 8 - 29 August 2021
Weltspiele & Monkey's
Weidendamm 8 & Raschplatz 11G

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