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Art of Internationalism

Progressive International’s platform, Art of Internationalism, explores the role of art and culture in imagining and shaping 21st century internationalism. In support of shared struggles for equality, social and ecological justice, Art of Internationalism builds from a place-based understanding of the world: one grounded in situated histories, rooted in communities and lands and intimately connected across geographies. Art of Internationalism stands both for the craft of organizing transnational, planetary solidarities, while emphasizing the critical role of internationalist art and culture that helps shape our common struggles and desires.

Art and culture have always been part of popular efforts to make visible the injustices of the past and present and shape new and just futures. This is the trajectory of radical artistic and cultural imagination to which the Art of Internationalism platform is aligned, and through which we aim to create our own forms of internationalist art and culture, as well as their infrastructures for art-making, cultural distribution, and generous exchange. The capability to make visible injustices and imagine our worlds anew belongs to every single one of us. It contributes to and strengthens our sense of belonging and critical engagement with the realities we inhabit while connecting communities across the world in common purpose. Internationalist art and culture do not only contribute to shaping this counter-power in our past and present, but also help us to imagine the communities we are yet to become through the many worlds of international, transnational, planetary, terrestrial, commonist, and cosmopolitical solidarity we create together.

For the Art of Internationalism, Didem Pekün has so far designed two posters: "The search for love continues even in the face of great odds" and "Yalla Comrade". They can be downloaded or purchased here. 20% of the proceeds of your purchase will go toward supporting the artists. 80% will go towards sustaining Progressive International, including the activities of its members.

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