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Antwerp based art space TICK TACK invites PYLON-Lab to host a screening program on CTT during the solo show VANITY by Chris Drange. PYLON-Lab presents curated exhibitions with a focus on time-based, digital and new media art at its own art space (Dresden, DE) and beyond. The screening program INSOMNIA is brought together by Julia Schmelzer and features video works of seven international artists: Yalda Asfah, Mit Borrás, Steffen Goldkamp, Vika Kirchenbauer, Thomas Taube, Jeroen van der Stock and Tobias Zielony.

The cinema screeening INSOMNIA deals with different levels of reality as well as the phenomenal and psychological processes associated with the night and the motif of sleep. The films portray notions of isolation and solitude, restlessness, subculture and the occult, as they question the twilight states of in-betweenness – the interstice between logic and the delusion.

The short movie Tourneurby our fellow Yalda Afsah documents a bull fight in Southern France and subtly comments on the disparity between the young, adrenaline rushed participants and the physically superior animal, cornered by the adolescent men. The unpredictability of the situation is increased by foam flooding into the makeshift arena, which equally affects the participants’ and the audience’s view. In the opaque foam mass, the encounter between human and animal turns into a surreal and archaic performative act – as if it has slipped away from reality, it becomes its own abstraction.

When? Where?
8 July - 28 August 2021

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