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Karagörlz: Leaving Earth But Holding On to Humanity

We are in the year 2622. Humans have long abandoned the Earth. On the new planet everything should be more efficient, minimalist and better in any way possible. Good vibes only! There is one last decision left for the mission of salvation: What do we take with us, what do we leave behind? The storage space is limited and resources are as well. The last Congress for the Elimination or Preservation of the Performative Intangible Cultural Heritage will decide on one of the biggest cult movements ever: KARAGÖRLZ.

But who were KARAGÖRLZ? The data about their origin is already lost. As the story goes, they emerged in the spring during the Covid Lockdown. Yet, they defied the passing of centuries as they revived again and again in different formats from computer games to daily slang. Aren’t we all karagörling from time to time?

Karagörlz: Leaving Earth But Holding On to Humanity imagines a comic tradition and explores the question of whether we are beyond the era of traditions. What would a tradition that emerges today look like and what would it reveal about our time 600 years from now? This evening in the year 2622, 40 representatives of humanity are invited one last time to Earth to cast their vote on these issues. Our PRESENT-I-I-I, developed especially for this occasion, will guide them through the evening.

When? Where?
21 & 22 December 2022, 8pm
tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg 
Prinzenstraße 85 F 
10969 Berlin

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