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NO NIIN Volume 2: Long Before Justice

NO NIIN absorbs the disruptive sparks emerging from the intersectional art and culture environs that counter the status quo, aspiring to develop them as springboards for new ways of thinking and working towards hope, liberation, and building internationalist, feminist, and anti-imperialist solidarities.

In 2022, NO NIIN published eight online issues with over 150 contributions from writers and artists based in Finland and internationally. ‘NO NIIN Volume 2: Long Before Justice’, includes Elham Rahmati and Vidha Saumya’s editorial picks of these contributions.

The publication presents 45 contributions in the form of editorials, essays, reviews, interviews, and artworks. This volume, with an exceptional cover illustration by Shehzil Malik, is beautifully designed by Lèo Guibert, based on a design concept [2020] by Samar Zureik. NO NIIN Vol. 2, much like NO NIIN Vol. 1, is an indispensable reference for artists, writers, and anyone engaged in artistic and cultural work in Finland and abroad.

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