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United Nothing: The ‘inarticulacy’ of Images in Representing Atrocities

In her film Araf (2018), Didem Pekün looked at the ways in which the Bosnian society acts out its rituals of mourning and commemoration as a protest to the genocide committed 25 years ago. She is currently working on Disturbed Earth, a film project that will examine the international inaction through a choreography of bureaucratic incompetence in the case of Srebrenica despite clear evidence hinting at the coming atrocity. In her presentation, Pekün will discuss the meaning and the im/- possibilities of representing visually traumatic experiences that are denied or obliterated by revisionist policies operating at present in different parts of the world, including her homeland, Turkey.

Followed by a talk with Didem Pekün with the curators of the event series ART IN DARK TIMES Galit Eilat and Erden Kosova.


When? Where?

November 11th 2020, 8pm

Online Event by bi'bak

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