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Wolf in Space: UCHRONIA

A contemporary interpretation of the Middle Eastern legend, Layla & Majnun, UCHRONIA depicts two disembodied Dark Matter aliens traveling from the furthest parts of the universe to planet 52°N,13°E: Berlin, Germany. Seeking their amorous union, an aim that would cause a cosmic catastrophe on their home planet, Earth enables the strangers to incarnate into human bodies and become matter, offering the promise of finally realizing their love. But the bodies they have chosen are freighted with their own physical, social, and conceptual baggage, entangling Layla & Majnun in a series of terrestrial problems they struggle to understand. UCHRONIA is divided into three chapters, each chapter re-tells the plot of the film through three different cinematic styles, three sets of protagonists and three versions of the story’s outcome.

UCHRONIA can currently be streamed/rented as part of Kino Wolf's online platform Wolf in Space.

Moreover, you can listen to the podcast episodeofWolf im Ohr where Anna Kondring (Wolf Kino) talks to director Azin Feizabadi and producer Maxi Haslberger about their film (in German).

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