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Josa-Andreas Gerhard

Invisible Playgrounds

The Project Invisible Playgrounds explores the conditions of collective and individual perception and agency in the digitally connected cities at the beginning 21st century. Following this research interest Musician Josa Gerhard and game designer Sebastian Quack work at the intersection of site-specific theatre and transmedia gameplay. Taking social structures and scenarios, historical layers and bizarre stories, new and old infrastructure as a starting point they develop street games, audio adventures and participative theatre. Their games transform the digitally connected city into a playground in order to provide the participants with new strategies to address modern city life – as agents, aliens or ghosts.

Josa Gerhard (*1981) studied Violin at the Berlin University of the Arts and at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. He focuses on experimental music theater. As a muisician and actor he participated in numerous productions e.g. at Konzerthaus Berlin, at Schauspiel Hannover, at Staatsoper Stuttgart, at Opernfestspiele München, at Nationaltheater Mannheim and Schauspiel Zürich.