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Ulrich Urban

Seeing eyes burn – aberration and representation

The photographer and media artist Ulrich Urban takes the historical sanatorium Berlin-Buch as a starting point for his multi-media installation „Augen brennen sehen – Aberration und Darstellung“/”Seeing eyes burn – aberration and representation”, which deals with medical knowledge production and imaging processes. Berlin-Buch transformed from a little village outside Berlin to one of the biggest hospital complexes in Europe. Urban is interested in the historical and present imbrication of Berlin-Buch with questions of life and death, of responsibility and guilt as well as ethics and law.

Ulrich Urban studied photography, film and installation in Berlin, London and New York. In 2008 he received the IBB award for photography. In 2009 he graduated from the Berlin University of Arts where he had studied with Lothar Baumgarten and Katharina Sieverding; he obtained a Meisterschüler diploma. With his work such as “Prototype Antithesis”, Urban deals explores forms of scientific imaging and the way they construct norms, deviations and knowledge.