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Echo Ho

Resembling Shanshui - still noise

In “Resembling Shanshui – still noise” Echo Ho investigates alternative methods of field recording. She re-invented a traditional Chinese string instrument, extending its functions for sensory measurement in urban space and the generation of electronic sounds.

The media artist Echo Ho (born in Peking, China live and works in Cologne) has consistently combined elements of very different origin: Guqin and microcontroller, Shansui and ping pong ball, rice straw mat and the Ruhr Valley. She uses aesthetic strategies of ancient China and translates these into the newest media-technologies and materials. In Ho’s art practice, which ranges from audio video installations and sound art interventions to live intermedia performances, the power of the old is equally as apparent as the potential of the new. Since 2007 she works as an artistic researcher and assistant professor at Academy of Media Arts Cologne.