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Stefan Hayn

STRAUB – Geht die Geschichte weiter

What answers does Straub-Huilletsch's work give to the question of the formation of tradition - what to reject, what to keep? Do the films open a path for future generations?

In an independent essayistic form, Stefan Hayn's film approaches the Straub films through the painterly visualization. His project is based on many years of knowledge and examination and last but not least on personal friendship with the filmmakers.

"Stefan Hayn constantly resists bowing to our expectations of form and genre. His films translate reality rather than reproducing it, often as 'alien detail'," as one critic wrote.
born 1965 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, since 1986 in Berlin
since 1990 publication of 16 films, texts, paintings and drawings
since 2000 Films in collaboration with Anja-Christin Remmert, two children together