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Yutaka Makino

Phenomenal / Ephemeral – A Research into Phenomenological Art Practise with Agend-Based Systemic Thinking

This research investigates into the use of agential systems as a practical framework rather than an analytical scheme. In this research, agency is considered as a matter of possibilities to produce spatiotemporal dynamics and contingency, not a property of things. By applying the idea of agential systems, the resulting works provide the possibilities of diverse experiences and reconfigurations of perception. While the works exist as ephemeral events, the focus of the research is on the production of implicit knowledge beyond immediate physical impacts on their bodies.

Yutaka Makino (1976, Japan) lives and works in Berlin. On the basis of his research into areas such as phenomenology, experimental psychology, acoustics, social science and system theory, Makino’s work probes the processes of emergence and the mechanisms of perception. His extensive use of intensive matters, such as sound, light and fog, provides spatial gradients in flux to experience shifting modes of perception. These intensive matters lay out the environments of which the audience becomes an active part.