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Jana Linke


A system which collapses after self-induced instability and then reassembles itself.

Born 1978 in Bremen. Lives and works in Berlin. Jana Linke studied experimental media design at the Berlin University of the Arts and der Künste Berlin und stage design at Akademie Minerva, Groningen. She finished her studies in June 2008 as Meisterschülerin with  Prof. Siegfried Zielinski. She is a co-founder of Labor K1, an artistic research collaboration.
Linke has received various awards, e.g. Digital Sparks 2008, lab30 Award (2007), Lili-Award of the Berlin University of the Arts (2007) and XII Canariasmediafest (2006). During 2007/2008, Linke received a NaFöG scholarship. Since November 2008, scholarship from the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences at the Berlin University of the Arts.