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After Cinema. Fictions from A Collective Memory

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"After Cinema" von Azin Feizabadi, Archive Books

 source: Archive Books, Grafik design Archive Appendix

This book marks the ten-year anniversary of the project A Collective Memory by Azin Feizabadi. The project encompasses five narrative-driven films, alongside other artworks. Each film has its own urgency, approach, and point of departure. The films naturally vary in their subjects, they touch upon stories of migration, uprising, transformation, revolution, renewal, collapse, defeat, depression, and desire that connect the life of the artist with those around him. The research materials that have come up over the course of this project consist, on the one hand, of concrete historical events and, on the other hand, all the innumerable, fragmented personal memories spread between pats, presents, and futures that narrate every-changing stories of how things were, are, and may be.

Compiled by Azin Feizabadi
Co-edited by Jens Maier-Rothe & Ashkan Sepahvand
Graphic Design by Archive Appendix
296 pages
ISBN 978-3-948212-00-1
Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin
Euros 20,00

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