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Sonic Spaces


Berlin 2013,80 pages, 245 colour photos, 2 illustrations, 20 x 26 cm, Hardcover, English, ISBN 978-3-86895-336-7 {Available}

Sound and media artist Anke Eckardt builds large-scale multisensory installations. In this monograph, she presents three artistic research projects that illustrate her on-going artistic and theoretical investigation of the basic components and dimensions of space.

The ambiguity of both ground and groundlessness, the role of the wall as a (permeable) boundary as well as the close interplay of verticality and the staging of power serve as a means to reflect on perspectives derived from the natural sciences, the humanities and political ethics, and can be experienced within Anke Eckardts poetic installations as tangible phenomena.

With contributions from: Tiago da Costa e Silva, Anselm Franke, Toby Heys, Wolfgang Lucht, Claus Pias and Holger Schulze.