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About us

About Us

The DFG Research Training Group 1759 "The Knowledge of the Arts" was established on 1.4.2012 at the Berlin University of the Arts. In May 2016, the second funding period was approved by the German Research Foundation, which runs from 1.10.2016 to 31.3.2021. After the expiration of the second funding period and pandemic-related extension, the Research Training Group ended its joint work on 30.9.2021.

The work of the Kolleg focused on the promotion of young graduate scientists in a coordinated, interdisciplinary program. The joint research project was steered by a management team consisting of the participating professors, postdocs and scientific coordinators as well as a representation of the doctoral students. It comprised 14 scientific staff positions (12 PhD students and two postdocs). All research assistants were at the Research Training Group for up to three years.

The DFG Research Training Group "The Knowledge of the Arts" organized public lectures, symposia and conferences. Some events such as workshops, retreats and colloquia were held exclusively for Kollegiat*innen.

Information about our research and study program can be found here