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Scenes of Participatory Research: On the Work of the Artistic/Academic Research Training Groups »Performing Citizenship« & »Assemblies and Participation«

Sibylle Peters

Friday, 6.7.2018

In German
Moderation: Lisa Großmann

By examining concrete examples, I want to show how research projects can be opened up for the interplay of heterogeneous partners in order to knot together scientific discourse, artistic procedures, and everyday expertise in research processes – in the sense of a research carried out by all.

To do so, I will sketch methods of participatory research developed at FUNDUS THEATER/THEATRE OF RESEARCH, and above all present, or rather analyze, scenes from the work of the artistic/academic research training groups »Performing Citizenship« and »Assemblies and Participation.« A recent assessment revealed that over 600 individuals from all parts of society intensively participated in the research training group’s projects, beyond its circle of doctoral students, and another 1300 did so in a more limited scope. More than 100 partnerships between the most diverse institutions made this kind of research possible. What forms did this participation take in individual cases and what effects did it have on research outcomes?


Sibylle Peters, cultural theorist and performance artist. Artistic director of the FUNDUS THEATER/THEATRE OF RESEARCH, Visiting Professor for Transdisciplinary Design, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, member of the performance collective geheimagentur. Until 2017, speaker of the research training group »Performing Citizenship: New Articulations of Urban Citizenry in 21st century Metropolis.« Studies in literature and philosophy in Hamburg. Since 1997, active in research and teaching at universities in Hamburg, Munich, Wales, Basel, Berlin (FU), and Giessen. Main areas of focus in research and artistic production: the lecture as performance, theory of assembly, use of time in media, transdisciplinary and participatory research processes.