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District * School Without Center

District * School Without Center is a queer feminist art and cultural center in Berlin. Since 2009 we have been working as a development and reflection center for artistic research and practice, critical educational work, trans*disciplinary cultural work and on the formation of critical knowledge and theory of discrimination. Influenced by intersectional, queer, discrimination-critical and decolonial approaches, District explores the curatorial as a performative and analytical practice and tests forms of community. With a focus on locating artistic practice in the tensions between body and urban space, infrastructure and desire, ecology and performance, history and imagination, District develops collaborative and research-oriented formats. In the year of its tenth anniversary, District continues, rebuilds and transforms into the art association District * School Without Center. With District * School Without Center we create a place and a form of community of polyphonic, intertwined ways of living and acting, where we can continue and shape queer and intersectionally lived collectivities and multiple forms of trans*disciplinary artistic and political work and research. With the association, we create a collective structure that welcomes and creates feminist and decolonial futures, knowledge and un_learning, and is open to fractures and change.