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workshop: Collective journey through time(s) – a Rehearsal with the Theaterlinge

with Anika Lachnitt (theater theorist, Activist) / AWO Theaterlinge

in German

In this workshop, we invite you to get to know our rehearsal context and to engage with us in a situated performative setting. Our (life)-stories, experiences, desires and visions and our bodies, which we understand as archives and media, are the material we work with.

Anika Lachnitt is a freelance theatre pedagogue, director and associate producer. She studied social pedagogy at the HTWK Leipzig and theatre pedagogy at the UdK Berlin. She is particularly interested in the disobedient, transformative potentials at the interfaces of art, cultural education, social work and politics. She currently heads an inclusive, cross-generational theatre group at the AWO Falkclub Neukölln with a focus on biographical play development. In addition, she is part of the project Körper//Sprache//Archiv, an international exchange format, in which participants engage with narratives and embodiments of (violent) history in a performative-research mode. As artistic co-director of Caring for Conflict, a cultural education project in which creative ways of dealing with conflicts are tested, she is part of a participatory management, organisation and coordination team that develops new educative-artistic formats with various artists, educational workers and researchers.

Die Theaterlinge are an inclusive theater group, which has been working together at the AWO Falkclub Neukölln for more than ten years. Together they develop on plays, try out different modes of acting, tell stories and share their passion for the performing arts. Each year, a new production is created. Their last production – Pommes mit Fischstäbchen– a biographical time travel through the universe of the Theaterlinge, had its premiere in fall 2018 and is currently being resumed and further developed.