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Workshop "Hands on Knowledge"

In the light of the international exchange between the research project “Knowing From the Inside” at the University of Aberdeen and the research program “Knowledge of the Arts” at the UdK Berlin, we're glad to announce the second meeting in Berlin from 20th June - 22nd June 2016 under the title “hands on knowledge”. Together we will explore knowledge formations in various practices, techniques and exploration processes. As a starting point of inquiry the question on the specific and situated types of knowledge are central in our observations. These observations will range in a practical part on the first day from urban-gardening with it's different forms of collective knowledge of appropriation, to digital design practices and its implications of embodied knowledge until the understanding of radio technologies through the assembling process. On the second day we will reflect and contrast the collected experiences with readings of theoretical approaches to knowledge formations. This will be enhanced by situating ourselves beyond the University and dislocate a reading group in three different locations in the city of Berlin.

source: Alex Zakkas, 'Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick', S. 54 / 55.